What is the Biggest Restaurant Chain in the US?

McDonald's Corporation is the clear leader in the fast food industry. Dave & Buster's, a game room that also serves as a restaurant, was among the 50 best restaurants with the highest total sales, but has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. All 137 locations had to close and it may have to file for bankruptcy, just like other beloved restaurants that have already done so. Bojangles' famous chicken and crackers are a staple in the Southeast.

Jersey Mike's locations can be found across the country, while Wingstop has grown from a small Texas restaurant in 1994 to a chain of 1,436 establishments around the world. Carl's Jr. is another popular fast food chain. The real way to know if a restaurant is popular or not is to look at where customers put their money, not just what they say in surveys.

McDonald's success began when founder Ray Kroc became interested in the McDonald's hamburger restaurant owned by brothers Dick and Mac in California. Today, McDonald's is the number one restaurant chain in the United States in terms of sales and number of locations, with more than 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 different countries. Pizza Hut has also made its mark on history, becoming the first restaurant to deliver a pizza to the International Space Station in 2001.

Cracker Barrel

is one of the most beloved restaurant chains in the country and customers love spending their money at the Old Country Store. Wawa might be regional, with locations in just seven states, but it is one of the most profitable restaurant chains in the country.

So which are the fast-food chains with the largest presence in the United States? This article will provide an overview of the ten biggest restaurant chains in America. Burger King's most famous menu option, the Whopper, was created in 1957 as a strategy to differentiate it from McDonald's and its small hamburgers.

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