Exploring the Best Indian Restaurants in Southern California

Are you searching for the top Indian restaurants in Southern California? Look no further! From Los Angeles to Marin County, there are plenty of incredible places to savor the flavors of the subcontinent. Whether you're looking for a fast-food joint or a luxurious dining experience, there's something for everyone. Let's explore some of the best Indian restaurants in Southern California.

Govinda's Natural Food Cafe

is a great place to start.

Located in Los Angeles, this eatery serves up some of the finest Indian food in the area. From Lucknow's Dum Biryani to pakora kale with chaat masala and chutneys, there's something for everyone. Plus, they offer chili cheese toast topped with Amul cheese, a favorite dish in many Indian households.


is another great option for those seeking fast-food and informal Indian cuisine. With locations in DTLA, Northridge, Westwood and Riverside, Tulsi offers regional Indian food to people in Southern California.

Their menu showcases the diversity of regional Indian cuisine in a way that few places in the city can. For a more luxurious experience, check out Le Parker Meridien's restaurant. This award-winning establishment from New Delhi offers a contemporary international touch of Indian classics under the global direction of chef Manish Mehrotra. From Junglee Maas to chili cheese toast, there's something for everyone.


is another great option for those looking for Indian food in Marin County. This restaurant has been praised by the world of gastronomy and is listed as one of the best Indian restaurants in Marin by other media outlets such as Marin IJ, Bohemian, Marin Magazine, SFBG and more. If you're looking for something truly unique, check out the Ganesh temple canteen.

This South Indian paradise offers flavors from all over the subcontinent and beyond. From pakora kale to Junglee Maas, there's something for everyone. Finally, don't forget about Dhamaka and Surbhi. Dhamaka is a specialized grocery store that sells samosas and masala vados as well as contemporary restaurants. Surbhi is a pioneering force in the industry who celebrates regional cuisine of farmers, spice walahs and home cooks. So if you're looking for some amazing Indian food in Southern California, these are some of the best places to check out.

From Govinda's Natural Food Cafe to Le Parker Meridien's restaurant, there's something for everyone!.

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