The Best Indian Food in Los Angeles: Where to Find Authentic Cuisine and Make Reservations

Are you looking for the best Indian food in Los Angeles? Look no further! From Little India to DTLA, Northridge, Westwood, Riverside, and Culver City, there are plenty of places to find delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a casual meal, there are plenty of options to choose from. Plus, many of these restaurants accept reservations so you can plan ahead for your next meal. The menu is more contemporary than traditional, and while it focuses on South Indian dishes, the menu also has options that represent all regions of the country.

The best Indian food Los Angeles has to offer is in Little India, but that's not the only neighborhood that serves authentic Indian cuisine. In addition to enjoying a delicious and authentic hot plate of Indian food, you can do all your shopping at its 8,500 square foot market. Fried okra seasoned with chili powder and lemon are on their way to becoming cult favorites for the best Indian food in Los Angeles. You can always take your leftovers home because the best Indian food in Los Angeles is as good when reheated as it was in the first round. This family-owned gastropub offers two locations in Los Angeles so that diners can enjoy all the tricks involved in creating a menu inspired by their Indian, Punjabi and Canadian roots.

Home to a major South Asian community, these are some of the best Indian restaurants in SoCal to visit during Diwali to learn first-hand about the flavors and festivities.

The best Indian food in Los Angeles

has a very basic mall exterior that takes you to a small dining room with an eclectic, brightly lit neon bar that doesn't look like an Indian restaurant at all. With locations in DTLA, Northridge, Westwood and Riverside, Tulsi is a fast-food and informal restaurant dedicated to offering regional Indian food to people in Southern California, and showcases that regional diversity in a way that few places in the city can. The name of the restaurant comes from a word that refers to the emotional connection that exists with the country of origin, and you will know that love for India and Pakistan in its food. The menu feels like a romantic novel, so whether you like Indian flavors or are truly in love, Spice Affair will steal your heart. The best Indian food that Los Angeles plant diners will love is available at Annapurna Cuisine in Culver City.

The best Indian food in the most famous zip code in Los Angeles has much more glitz and glamor than your average Indian restaurant, but it's still pretty casual. Contemporary versions of Indian classics will appeal to those who follow a more wellness-based lifestyle, something you won't find even in the best restaurants in Los Angeles.

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