The Best Indian Food in Los Angeles: A Guide to the Best Dishes

When it comes to finding the best Indian food in Los Angeles, there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional South Indian dishes to modern Indian-Asian fusion cuisine, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a place to stock up on groceries or a romantic dinner spot, this guide will help you find the best Indian food in Los Angeles. Namaste Spiceland is a one-stop grocery and restaurant store located in Pasadena, Santa Clarita and Thousand Oaks.

It's a great place to stock up on rice, lentils, and frozen staples, and stay for dinner. Public favorites include their South Indian dishes, especially the Dosas, or the street food of Bombay. The trick is to first order the chaat, who pursed his mouth, so as not to go shopping on an empty stomach. Cali Chilli in Long Beach stands out when looking for the best Indian food Los Angeles has to offer.

Chef Mural Manjunath prepares modern Indian-Asian fusion dishes and has been recognized for his food with four consecutive Michelin stars. The menu isn't the standard masala and naan selection. Instead, chef Manjunath produces more recognizable and accessible dishes with Indian flavors. Annapurna Cuisine in Culver City is another great spot for the best Indian food that Los Angeles plant diners will love. They pride themselves on preparing authentic fresh Indian cuisine every day and also offering some of the most exotic Indian dishes that are 100% vegetarian. Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen is another standout spot for the best Indian food in Los Angeles.

Chef Imran Ali Mookhi trained with some of the most prestigious Indian chefs in the country and was recognized in the Michelin guide for his contributions in Tumbi, another hot spot on our list. This 100% halal restaurant not only offers fantastic food, but also a creative non-alcoholic cocktail menu. Contemporary versions of Indian classics will appeal to those who follow a more wellness-based lifestyle, something you won't find even in the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Badmaash in Fairfax is the second outpost of this hipster Indian-style hangout (the first is on 2nd Street in DTLA) and seems to be even more popular than its older brother. Created by chef Pawan Mahendro and his two sons, Nakul and Arjun, its menu combines traditional Indian dishes (think chicken tikka tandoori, saag paneer, and buttered chicken) with completely new versions of Indian cuisine.

Try the spicy lamb burger served in a brioche bun and you might not be sure what world cuisine you're eating, but you'll know that it's something special. Try dad's famous coconut curry mussels, a delicious Madrash style dish full of flavors of paprika, turmeric and coriander, and we're sure you'll add Badmaash to your LA list. Mayura restaurant in Culver City is an Indian place that makes sure to serve its vegetarian customers, dedicating two kitchens to the preparation of their food. One is strictly vegetarian and prepares classic dishes such as vegetable Korma, made with a strong curry, and eggplant masala. The other kitchen prepares spicy vindaloo chicken, tandoori chicken cooked in a clay oven and even goat curry.

This popular no-frills spot also offers Uthappam, the Indian version of pizza, so try the version with onion, tomato and chili for a unique flavor. Electric Karma is the place to find authentic Punjabi cuisine prepared by owner and chef Paramjit Singh. With a warm, friendly and romantic atmosphere that includes a nice outdoor patio and a candlelit dining room, the restaurant is perfect for a date night. Movie lovers will love the Bollywood movies that silently play over the main dining room while house and world music plays, and food lovers will enjoy the varied cuisine ranging from traditional vegetarian samosas seasoned with hot tamarind sauce and sweet tomato to famous dishes such as Nirvana chicken cooked with coconut curry. Cardamom Indian Cuisine prides itself on making every food with fresh ingredients; there's nothing canned or frozen in its kitchen. Even its spices are bought whole and ground at home for optimal freshness.

This sophisticated restaurant offers dishes from all over India as well as an extensive wine list with pairings offered by expert waiters or by co-owner Nasir Syed. Chef Badrul Chowdhury uses a charcoal tandoori oven to prepare dishes such as Murgh Tikka (diced chicken breasts cooked with spices) and Tandoori Machli (marinated fish). For a completely different flavor try one of their tasty curries or all the typical Indian breads on the menu. Pijja Palace is a restaurant that has just arrived on the Sunset Boulevard restaurant scene with a totally different concept from the typical Indian place.

The best Indian food in Los Angeles has an unassuming exterior that leads into an intimate dining room illuminated by neon lights that doesn't look like an ordinary eatery

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